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Welcome to Global Summit on All-Things Food

About GSAF

Global Summit on All-Things Food (GSAF) is a 3-day international conference that primarily comprises achievers from the industry whom we recognize for their contributions and provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst this elite group of high performing individuals and companies. It fosters communication among food professionals, technologists, agriculturists, and entrepreneurs who seek to learn about the latest disruptions in the food industry. The conference covers various topics including Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition, Food Security, Agricultural Engineering & Innovations, Dairy, Fisheries, Digital Agriculture, Agronomy & Crop Sciences, and many more!

Who Should Attend GSAF?

GSAF is a global platform created exclusively for the movers and shakers of the food & agriculture sector who dedicatedly work towards bringing a change in the field through latest technologies and developments.

Agriculturalists & Farmers

Learn about the best practices, regulatory requirements, and the latest tools & farm management techniques that can help you to enhance the quality & quantity of your produce.


Get a 360° view of the food and ag investment landscape, connect with promising entrepreneurs, and enhance your deal flow by gaining knowledge of emerging markets.

Food & Culinary Experts

With online sales becoming the norm, vintners, chefs, CEOs of food brands will get acquainted with digital initiatives and technologies to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.


Whether you are in the food industry or an AgroTech solutions provider, GSAF will help you to clinch deals, raise capital, and scale your business.

Government Organizations

Learn about the challenges faced by agriculturalists and join hands with experts to find sustainable answers to crucial social problems such as hunger, obesity, and food security.

Researchers & Lecturers

GSAF is the ideal venue for you to explore collaboration opportunities, share ideas, and gain knowledge from people who have a role to play in the food supply and production system.

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Why attend GSAF?

Whether you are an owner of small farms or associated with multi-thousand-acre enterprises, a student of agriculture, a restaurant owner, or a food science expert, GSAF has got something for all of you. Meet with the suppliers, raise capital, get tech-based solutions to real-world food production problems, and explore the recent breakthroughs in the world of food — all in the course of three days!

Build deeper relationships

Forge strong professional connections with thought leaders and agrotech innovators through networking opportunities and direct access to experts.

Establish brand awareness

Introduce your business to the global food market by putting up your own exhibition booth and represent yourself internationally.

Knowledgeable sessions

Update your knowledge about the food, beverages, fisheries, and dairy arena while exploring collaboration opportunities.

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Co-chairs of Prism Event’s health care conference IFAH, Raghib Khan and Faisal Abidi, were invited by Jeff Maher on his daily morning show ‘Wake Up with the CW’ to discuss their endeavors in exploring new technologies in the realm of health care. They explained the ideas which drive the conference and the efforts which are being channelized towards making it a memorable experience for attendees. The show was broadcast on live television and aired on News3LV NBC, Las Vegas.

past attendees

The brands that graced previous conferences hosted by Prism Events, Inc.

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