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Our expert speakers

Over the years, our conferences have been graced by industry leaders and veterans. Here is a list of speakers who will shed light on the crucial topics of food, farming, and agriculture at GSAF.

Dr. Benjamin M. Cole

Gabelli School of Business - Fordham University

Nedra Barr

VP - Enterprise Business Solutions

Stephen Deason

Founder & CEO - The OPA RASA Group, LLC

Dallin A. Larsen

Founder - Vasayo

Roger J Fuhrman

Founder - RJF, Inc

Rahul Puri

Head Of Employer Relations - ACCA

Marcus Reinecker

Founder And Managing Partner - Pharma Capital Advisors

Joanna Taylor

Partner | Advisory Markets | Life Sciences - Ernst & Young AG

Ahmed Faiyaz Sait

Sait Advisor - Health Investments And PPP's - Dubai Health Authority

JC Smith

Co-Founder & President of Civic Ag X

Jonathan Lockwood Sutton

Food & Beverage Subject Coordinator, Instructor

Dr. Gerald Horn

CEO/Co-Founder, Breinfue

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